About Us

Who we are

JoinSomething was established in 2016. We developed this marketplace of activities to empower our CREATORS to create awareness for their activities, and drive engagement with the eventual JOINERS.

What we do

Where anyone can create activities within minutes without any complicated processes.

Where anyone can browse through tons of activities.

Where anyone can join with just a simple click of a button.

Where anyone can invite others to join them in their activity.

Through the social media functions, a person can make new friends, follow (upon acceptance) and join the activities their friends are participating in.


Step 1: Click Create and describe your activity with our simple form

Step 2: Click Submit Activity to publish your scheduled activity.

Step 3: Wait for joiners or you can invite them now!


Step 1: Browse for activities

Step 2: Click to Join

Step 3: Enjoy the activity!

Create and Join activities with JoinSomething now!